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Hyzon Motors deepens strategic hydrogen mobility partnership with TotalEnergies SE

- Partnership accelerates Hyzon, TotalEnergies' deployment of hydrogen-powered trucks, refueling infrastructure for long-haul transport across Europe

- TotalEnergies is a broad energy company, with the ambition to be a world-class player in the energy transition. It operates a wide refueling and retail infrastructure business worldwide

- TotalEnergies previously made direct investment in Hyzon through its venture arm, TotalEnergies Ventures

- Hyzon expects to supply by 2023 up to 80 hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks to TotalEnergies' customers in France to support development of hydrogen infrastructure

Hyzon and TotalEnergies aim to make it easier for fleet owners to transition to renewable hydrogen fuel by combining their existing infrastructure and technology. TotalEnergies, which operates over 15,500 service stations globally, and Hyzon, a leading supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks, already have hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen-powered vehicles in operation, respectively.

Yahoo Finance

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