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Major Market Swing Signal (End of Day) Friday 5-6-22

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50% of the Dow Jones is on an Upswing

62% of the S&P 100 is on an Upswing

29% of the Nasdaq 100 is on an Upswing

44% of all Three Indexes Top Holdings is on an Upswing

Notice the change Thursday from (5-5-22)

The Dow Jones Bullish Swing Percentage had a decrease of 16% the Swing changed to Neutral

The S&P 100 Bullish Swing Percentage had a decrease of 18% the Swing changed to Bullish

The Nasdaq 100 Bullish Swing Percentage had a decrease of 25% the Swing changed to Bearish

All the Top Holdings Bullish Swing Percentage had decrease of 22% the Swing changed to Bearish

All of the Categories had a decrease in their bullish swing percentage. The major indexes are clearly in a sell off. The larger companies in the S&P 500 is trying to hold on but the selling pressure may become to much for them to hold onto there Bullish reading.

We are in a correction like we have been saying for weeks and the Nasdaq has fell into a bear market. Will the S&P500 and the Dow Jones follow into a Bear Market we will have to find out from the CHARTS

This is a time when we will see a lot of FEAR in the stock market and BAD headlines in the news. A lot of traders will run for the hills and leave the stock market but,

I will tell you that this is not the time to leave. This is the time to have your cash on the sidelines like we have been saying for weeks, STUDY and start finding strong companies that will be there and succeed when the sell off or Bear Market and Upcoming Recession is over

When the sell off is over and we come out of the upcoming recession some of us will earn life changing money and other will wish they paid attention

The market is still in CORRECTION and we have to wait for a Follow-Through Day to give us the green light

The BEARS are in control for now

Thank You


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