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Major Market Swing Signal (End of Day) Wednesday 4-6-22

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36% of the Dow Jones is on an Upswing

38% of the S&P 100 is on an Upswing

26% of the Nasdaq is on an Upswing

33% of all Three Indexes Top Holdings is on an Upswing

Notice the change from Wednesday (4-5-22)

The Dow Percent Bullish increased slightly up only 2% not much but better

The S&P 100 Bullish Percent got slightly weaker down 3%

The Nasdaq 100 Bullish Percent got much weaker went from Neutral to Very Bearish falling 24%

All the Top Holdings Bulling Percent got slightly weaker falling only 6%

The market is clearly in a Bearish Swing according to our analysis

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